Dr. Milligan

Dr. Emrick Milligan, M.D.
Dr. Emrick Milligan, M.D. is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician for 20 years. Dr.Milligan has logged in over 20,000 Hours of Emergency Medicine in some of Long Islands top hospital Emergency Departments. He has retired from Emergency Medicine and now concentrates on a office based Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Occupational Medicine practice, as well as ON-SITE services to local volunteer Fire Departments.

Dr. Milligan has recently opened a new state of the art office with 8 exam rooms and a private consultation office. The practice will soon be up and running with a new highly technological EMR system by ADS. Government mandated E-Prescribing will also be included in the system. This new system will make for a nice efficient way of practicing and documenting patientís records. Paper will hopefully be obsolete to our practice.

Dr. Milligan has been performing OSHA Fire Department Physicals for 16 years and is considered one of the pioneers in this unique service to Volunteer Fire Departments, Dr. Milligan performs these OSHA physicals himself, not utilizing services of Para-professionals. The physicals are performed in our centrally located office or arranged ON-SITE at the Fire House. Dr. Milligan and his staff of trained nurses and technicians set up several stations to perform the various services required for compliance with OSHA and NFPA1582 standards.

Dr. Milligan and Dr. Stumacher, both Board Certified Physicians, look forward to carefully serving your medical needs.

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